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Don’t Like the Groove of the Track You Are On?

Wow!  As I write this, the American people have just voted in a way that suggests many of them don’t like “the groove of the track” the country is on.

That action in the US dramatically illustrates a point for you to use in your life.

Whether you agree with the results of the US election isn’t the important learning point for you in managing the outcomes in your life.

It is the action taken that can serve as a dramatic example of how to move ahead in your life…how to overcome malaise and realize new potential.

The following video will put a different twist on the election example so you can see how you may use it in improving the quality of your life.

So…here are a few ideas to help you in switching grooves in the track of your life.

First, recognize any change you want to make in your life requires you to exercise brutal self-discipline.

I say “brutal” to serve as the catchall for total commitment; consistency; and focusing on the outcomes of exercising your discipline rather than the pain of living it.

The only way you can sustain “brutal” self-discipline is to have a deep emotional commitment to whatever the desired outcome is.

Your mantra should be:  I know why I want to achieve (whatever) and so I have the visceral commitment that will help me exercise the self-discipline to achieve it.

Second, focus on healthy practices in all aspects of your daily life.

After all, you can’t remain self-disciplined if you are so sick you can’t move or so tired all you want to do is sleep.

Some tips:

·         Force yourself to get a solid 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night.  Consistent bedtime and wakeup time can help you here.

·         You can’t sustain effort unless you have the physical and mental strength.  Physical and mental strength begins with a consistent exercise program.

·         Prioritize your daily activities around doing those things that are most important to achieving your objectives.  Have a “To Don’t” list and don’t waste your time and effort on doing any of those things.

Hopefully, you find the above ideas good ones to help you get into and stay in a “groove” that helps you reach your highest potential.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat specifically are you going to do in switching the groove of the track you are on in your life?

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