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Don’t Take Offense

They’re all over out there!  Those idiots who seem to live for the thrill of annoying others.  Take driving a car for example.  Are there some dumb people out there sitting behind the wheel of a car, or what?  Idiots doesn’t even come close to defining them and their actions.  Geez!  What’s a person to do?

Well, don’t take offense if you’re one of those people who find the world is full of those who annoy you.  They are not worth it and, oh, by the way, they are not the problem.  You are!  Like I said, don’t take offense.  If you do, your anger will force you to miss my point and it’s a good one.  So chill a little.

The easiest thing to do when confronted with annoying people is to get angry at them.  The difficulty is your anger won’t solve the problem and probably compounds it.  LIfe is too short to bring such stress onto yourself and others.

Think about it.  Are you such a perfect person that you don’t do anything that’s annoying to others?  I bet not!

When confronted with annoying situations discipline your approach into a totally different direction than anger.  Rather than counting to the proverbial 10, think about your own shortcomings.  Forcing yourself to think about your own faults mitigates the impact of the faults of others.  After all, how can you be mad at someone else when you realize your faults can make you do stupid things too?

Don’t take offense, if I presume you’re flawed…it goes with being a human being.

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