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Don’t Wait

If you don’t act, it may be too late.  Those that defer action to tomorrow risk everything because tomorrow may never come.  We may think it’s guaranteed but it’s not.  Just ask those poor souls who started out one bright and sunny day in northern Japan, recently.  An earthquake and tsunami came and not tomorrow for thousands of them.

You may never experience something so horrific.  On the other hand, constantly deferring action on your opportunities in life can create horrific disappoint at the end of your life.  The horror of letting your life pass you by should be a terrifying thought to you.

Time does not end.  It passes by and never returns.  And, so it is with the potential of your life.  Everyday has potential for you but if you let the day pass by the potential never returns.

Don’t wait!  The time is now!  The potential is there!  It’s yours for the taking!  But, only now not later!!!

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