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Drama or a Dream If You Pretend or Do

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0182834Too much “drama” in your life?  You say your job is driving you nuts!  The family is falling apart!  You need to buy a new car but you can’t afford it!  And, as they say, on an on!  Everything in your life is about stress, misery and dissatisfaction.

Well, let me ask you another question.  Have you figured out why that is the case?  Until you figure out the reasons for all the drama in your life, you have no chance of changing the situation.  You have to change your thinking from one of being a lowly victim of your circumstances to one of taking control and believing in positive outcomes.  It’s not easy but, if you want to go from nothing but drama in your life to realizing your dreams that is exactly what you have to do.  There is no other way.

The way you do that is, first, to quit pretending your situation is just the way it should be.  You see, those who live with only drama in their lives are the pretenders.  To put that another way, they are in denial of their circumstances.  People like that pretend all the time that they are doing the best they can with what they have.

Conversely, people who overcome each drama (and we all have them from time to time) and move on toward realizing their dreams are doing something all the time.  They are not waiting around for something to happen to them or something to come to them.  They figure out what they want and they go do something about getting it.

It’s up to you to choose to continue to pretend your way through the drama or do something to reach your dream.  Pretend or do…it’s up to you!

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