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Dreading Your Future Reduces Potential in Your Present

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0426560It’s a well-worn thought but totally appropriate and relevant here.  As they say none of us are going to get out of this life alive.  From the time we are born we live a lifelong death sentence.  It is what it is but that fact should not be a negative focus.  It should serve as propellant to go out in a blaze of glory.

Here’s my point…every day you waste by spending copious amounts of time dreading something that will or may happen in the future is a lost day.  Your future will be what it will be because of what you do today!  In other words, the only true potential in your future is by realizing all of your potential today.  Yet, too many of us reduce our present potential out of dwelling on some fear about the future.

A recently deceased but amazing thought-leader on the subject of human potential, Zig Ziglar, had a wonderful philosophy he used to share with his audiences.  It was a philosophy built around the acronym, fear.  The acronym stood for:  False Evidence Appearing Real.  His ultimate point was when frozen in fear about something (usually that something is in our future); we sacrifice our opportunities in the present.  And, we are making that sacrifice on something that may never become a reality.

Consequently, don’t waste time dreading about your future!  It’s coming and there is nothing that will stop it from coming.  However, by applying all your knowledge and skills to effect today you will make the inevitability of your future an appropriate culmination to a life well-lived.  You will create a blaze of glory rather than a sickening and resentful fall into eternity.

Your blaze is created by consistently doing five things:

  1.        Discipline your focus to concentrate on the present.  Don’t dwell on the future.
  2.       Create a daily prioritized list of critical actions you must complete today.
  3.       Concentrate the greatest percentage of your time each day on those critical actions.
  4.       Review, regroup and reorganize at the end of each day.
  5.    Start each new day with a positive affirmation about what you are going to accomplish in the present.
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