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Dreams Do Come True

Many of us spend too much of our lives hoping for this and hoping for that. It is a totally futile exercise but we do it. Here’s the difficulty with hoping. While it can help us look to the future with some degree of positivity, hope doesn’t happen. By that I mean, hope is only a mental activity. For hope to create any kind of results it has to be somehow converted into a dream. Because, you see, dreams do come true.

Why is that? Dreams are a step closer to driving results because there is a deeper emotional connection to them. As I said, hope is more of a mental exercise whereas dreams are an exercise of the heart because of the emotional connection. Hope says: “Things may happen.” A dream says: “Things will come to pass.”

Now, a word of caution, here. Many people dream about something happening to them and it never does. This happens because there was not a deep enough emotional connection to the dream. Step One in making dreams come true, therefore, is to find subjects of passion so you can grow the emotional connection to them to such a powerful level that you are driven to do all the things necessary to ultimately realize the dream.

Step Two in making dreams come true is to allow your passion to focus your thinking so you can build a logical and well defined plan for achieving the dream. The first step in planning has to be you writing a goal statement that puts clarity to the dream. The goal statement has to define the object of the dream specifically. There must be included in the statement a way of measuring your progress toward the dream. Additionally, the statement has to define the object of the dream in a way that makes it clearly attainable. When writing the goal statement you have to include some words that explain the relevance of the object of the dream. Finally, the statement has to set down clearly the time line for achieving the dream.

The last step in making your dreams come true is to act on your plan. Notice I didn’t say, “Start acting on your plan.” Yes, you have to start working on your plan but the key to success is never stopping until the dream is realized. Without a deep emotional connection to the object of your dream, you will not have a deep enough driving passion to keep you focused on your action plan all the way to the finish line.

Forgive the self-serving example, but it will make the above points come to life for you. Several years ago I had a dream of writing a self-help book. Through finding my true passion for writing the book; developing and following a specific plan of action for completing and getting the book published; and then acting on that plan over a period of three years my dream came true. But, I didn’t just want to write a book…I wanted to write a good book. That dream also came true and here’s a link that tells the story of how I know I wrote a good book.

I believe this about dreams. Just as the light of a full moon pushes back the darkness and reveals a shimmering lake, so each of us can push back the darkened boundaries of humankind through the light of our dreams. To have that impact it’s up to each of us to make our dreams come true.

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