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Drifting Along

Great songs have great lyrics that paint the tapestry of life in vivid color.  You know what I mean.  The lyrics, along with the music, bring the picture to life in our minds eye.  The picture can be so compelling that we are transported to another place and in some cases another time.

As I was thinking about the general topic for this post, I was reminded of the lyrics of a very old country song.  One of the great groups in country music performed their greatest works over 60 years ago.  But, as great groups with great songs will do, they remain timeless in the stories they told through their songs.  For my purposes today, the group is Sons of the Pioneers and their song is Tumbling Tumbleweeds.  Here’s a link to Youtube and their performance of this song.

Okay, now that you’ve, hopefully, enjoyed the entertainment, what’s my point?  Well, the essence of the message in the lyrics of that song has a romantic suggestion that just drifting along in life results in good things.

I don’t believe you can be…”drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds.”  That’s if you are truly going to maximize your potential in today’s world.  It might have worked nicely in the past for a cowboy out on the range but it is probably a recipe for disaster now.  You have to have a vision of what’s over the horizon rather than just riding along waiting for it to happen.  You have to know exactly what you are going to do when whatever is over the next horizon comes into focus.  In short, you can’t let the tumbleweeds lead you there!

Drifting along in today’s world means you won’t be able to truly get along!  Maybe that’s sad but it’s probably true.

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