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Dwell Swell

Please pardon the alliterative title for this posting but there is a method to my madness.  Frankly, I think you will find the reason behind my method is swell once you read the following comments.

Dwell can be used in the context of where you reside or in the context of where you are directing your focus or attention.  For purposes of our discussion, I’m not using the word dwell relative to where you live physically.  I’m using it relative to where you live mentally.  Is your mental focus or attention tending to be one of worry or one of peace of mind and, just generally, a positive focus?

Where you dwell in your mind is where you live your heart.  If you dwell incessantly on the negatives in your life, your heart will be heavy and hurting.  And, you will tend to languish in self-pity and malaise.

On the other hand if you train yourself to dwell on the bright side of things, your heart will lighten and swell with a sense of well being.  Your lighter heart will lift you into the actions you need to take whatever the price.

So, let’s get back to the title.  I want you to dwell on the brighter side of life.  Think good.  In other words, dwell swell!  You will feel swell and, as I said, your heart will swell with life.  Well…was my method swell?

Sorry…I got a little carried away!

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