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Emotionally Covet It Leads You to Have It

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0414033_20140809-195050_1So, what’s the problem?  You say you want to achieve a certain goal or degree of success in your life and nothing is happening.  Yikes!  A situation like that is never good.  Lots of things can result from it…low self-esteem; depression; addictive practices and general malaise in your life. Ya’ gotta’ fix it!  But, how?

Here’s how.  There are four steps:  Definition; Emotion; Planning; Action.  Of those four steps emotion is absolutely critical.  Not that the other steps aren’t important to the total process of achieving a goal or succeeding.  They, however, without emotion connected to each of them will not get the job done.  When you truly, emotionally covet something you will be inevitably driven to get it.  You can’t be stopped!  It will happen!  But, let’s digress for a moment to make sure you are clear on what each of the four steps mean in the total process of achieving a goal or success in your life, in general.

If you can’t clearly see a particular goal, then you will not be able to emotionally connect to it.  You must have a clear vision of what it is you want to be, do or have.  It is the picture in your mind of your objective that activates all the muscles in your body to do all the things necessary to achieve the objective.

Here again, though, I have to emphasize the importance of your heart in creating clarity in your vision.  Your heart has to be pounding with emotion about the picture you see.  It has to be figuratively jumping out of your chest and making your eyes bug-out in desire for achieving the goal.    It is also that visceral emotion that assures you have the drive to perform the next two steps in the process.

The first of those last two steps is planning.  It is one thing to have a vision of your objective.  It is another thing to know how to get there.  Developing a detailed action plan for progressing to your ultimate objective creates the road map of how to get from point A to point B.  In short, your plan defines how you can.

Lastly, performance of the first three steps is futile if you don’t take action.  The good news is if you deeply feel an emotional connection to your objective you will be compelled to action.  To expand on that thought the word, covet, is defined as to want (something you don’t have) very much.  When you feel that kind of “want” you are absolutely driven to take action to “get.”

Four steps to having anything you want to be, do or have:  Definition; Emotion; Planning; Action.

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