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I know you’ve been there.  You’re driving somewhere and you look down at your gas gage.  There’s a stab of panic and maybe a little anger.  The needle is not just above the empty mark!  It’s actually just below and you know disaster is a matter of seconds away.  You swear you can hear the car engine sputtering!  Not a good feeling, right?

Transfer the essence of that story over to who you are as a person.  In short, are you empty or are you full and running on all cylinders?

The only thing that can stop you from feeling full and running on all cylinders is you.  If your head is empty of focus, goals, plans and ideas, then you should feel the same sense of panic as when your gas tank is empty.  If your heart is empty of passion and not pulsing with power, then you should feel panic.

Consider a couple of definitions of empty to put in perspective why you should panic if you’re feeling it.

    1. containing nothing; not filled or occupied


    1. not likely to be fulfilled


  1. having no meaning or purpose

See what I mean?  Empty by definition is not a good thing.  Surely you always want your life to be full!  Consider these thoughts to make it so.

When your gas tank is empty the first thing you do is make a decision to change that situation.  With the decision made, you make a choice as to where and how you’re going to overcome the problem.  Now, you take action.  Having taken the action to fill your tank, you return to your previous course and go on with your life.

Those are exactly the same steps you need to take to fill your head, your heart and your life with fullness.

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