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Enduring Truth

There is a single truth when it comes to achieving the success that you desire.  You don’t have to confuse yourself and the issue by trying to make achieving success some kind of mysterious, complex process.  It ain”t!  Period!

First, you’ve got to define what success will be for you.  It’s got to be a crystal clear picture of what you want.  It will be your vision of the outcome of success for you that will drive you incessantly toward it.

Which brings me to point two regarding achieving success:  self-disciplined determination.  You can’t hope for success.  You have to do success and that requires a determination to do everything it takes.

Having the first two items in place, you now must create a plan of action.  Without a road map to your goals, you will wander in the uncharted territory of malaise.

But, earlier I said there was a single truth concerning achieving success.  Well, I just gave you the key aspects of the process for achieving success.  But, to follow the process to your ultimate reward dictates you must endure.  That is the truth.

Here’s what Buddha said about it:  “Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.”


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