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So here you are!  Dragging yourself around on a daily basis.   No energy.  No motivation.  No sense of purpose.  No enthusiasm for life.  Wondering what it is all about and why you should even care.  Believing that something is missing in your life.  Thinking, if you knew how to fix it you would.

I believe the solutions for those of us in a malaise are embodied in a simple but powerful acronym.  Here it is:

  • Exercise your body
  • Nutritious diet
  • Exercise your mind
  • Renew your spirituality
  • Generate and grow personal relationships
  • Yak to yourself using positive affirmations

As you can see, the acronym is ENERGY.

A quick summary of the point regarding each phrase making up the acronym is in order.  Let’s face it.  Your body is like your car.  Without proper maintenance your car isn’t going anywhere sooner or later because it will suffer a physical breakdown.  So will your body suffer a physical breakdown and low energy when it is out of shape due to improper maintenance.  In short, move it or lose it!

Your car isn’t going to go anywhere if you don’t keep the tank full of gas.  Neither are you, if you don’t fuel your body with proper nutrition so you keep it running smoothly and full of energy.

Your car isn’t going anywhere if the computer controlling it’s various functions fails.  Neither are you if your mind is dulled and listless through lack of use.

To keep up the pace that a full and meaningful life requires you must have a belief in something bigger than you.  Call that something whatever you want but it’s essence connects with the spirituality of your very soul and keeps you moving faithfully forward.

As human beings all the science would confirm that with very few, extreme examples we are gregarious by nature.  We need to care about other people and they to care about us and that caring brings us together in an energizing community.

Finally, you have to affirm your self-worth through talking to yourself in positive ways.  Achieving a full life doesn’t come through negative energy.  Negative energy shuts life down.  Positive energy lights life up.

If you want to energize your life, you have to exercise continuous self-discipline in each of the areas of the acronym ENERGY.  I energetically urge you to do so!

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