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Enjoy Each Minute When You Are In It

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900442385_20140604-152154_1Picture this…you’re on green grass, carpeted hill that is loaded with wild flowers and overlooks the surrounding country for miles.  It’s a warm, sunny day in spring with a gentle breeze wafting over you.  In fact, you find it the perfect spot to spend some time daydreaming.  Nothing wrong with a little time invested in daydreaming, right?

My answer to that question is:  Absolutely not!  We all deserve and need some time to unplug from the hubbub around us.  It is healthy to de-stress from time to time.  In fact, putting yourself in reduced stress situations on a reasonably frequent basis can recharge your batteries and make you more efficient, creative and, therefore, effective.  Enjoy those times…it’s okay!

In fact, the more you remain in each moment of your life as it is passing and enjoy it the more efficient and effective you will be.  Staying focused on now saves you from being pulled down by reflecting on the mistakes you have made in your past.  Staying focused on now makes you concentrate and make decisions that will assure your future is even better.  In fact, you can’t do as much about the future, then, without staying focused on the actions you take now.

The more you enjoy each moment when you are in it the more you will enjoy the results in the future.  Force yourself to always daydream in a positive frame of reference.  Don’t make the context of each daydream a wish rather make it one of hope.  Having hope can give you a sense of enjoyment.  Wishing, on the other hand, can create a mood of discontent.  Remember…enjoy each minute when you are in it!

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