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Enjoy Today Do Not Defer It

b2ap3_thumbnail_time-303642_1280Jimmy Buffet, Peggy Lee, Dean Martin and a host of others have raised their talented voices in song regarding the thought suggested in the title of this post.  Peggy Lee and Dean Martin performed the most popular version of the idea.  Buffet’s lyrical version of the idea is totally different than Lee’s and Martin’s but the sentiment is generally the same.  The sentiment in a word is:  mañana (pronounced men-ya-na).  Translation:  an indefinite time in the future.

The stories told in the various versions of the song, Mañana, are ones of deferral in some way.  They are stories that put off things until some unknown time in the future.  Of course the problem with putting something off until some unknown time is there is no assurance that time will ever come.  In the worst case, the time may never come because your time runs-out.

The moral is grab each day you have with gusto and get the most out of every second.  The ticking away of wasted seconds in your life can be similarly impactful as the example I used in my previous post about the effect of doubling a penny over 31 days.  Recall, at the end of the 31 days you would have accumulated 20 million dollars.

Consider the magnitude of lost time that could be dedicated to achieve all you want to be, do or have.  If you waste an average of only one second per minute per day, by the end of 31 days you will have lost over 24 minutes of your life.  Extending the math…in one year you will lose the equivalent of 12 hours.  In 10 years you will have wasted the equivalent of 5 days!

Enjoy today…don’t defer any part of it!  Worst case tomorrow may never come or at best wasting seconds of time will quickly lead to lost hours of opportunity.

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