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So, here you are wallowing in the misery of what you consider your miserable existence.  Really?  Can it be that bad?  Could you change the situation, if you wanted to?  Fact:  Your miserable existence is not going to change by someone waving a magic wand over you.  I know…maybe Harry Potter could but I don’t think so!

Ask yourself the question:  Why do you have what you have?  The have can be in terms of material things, spiritual feelings or your mental frame of mind.  Interesting…the material and the spiritual are directly effected my your mental frame of mind, i.e., the way you think.  As you think so shall you have and feel!

So, what should you do to overcome your miserable existence.  Here’s a bit of classical Greek philosophy that may help.  “Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.”  Epicurus

In other words, don’t allow your thoughts to focus only on what you have but focus on what you enjoy and you will reap greater abundance in all aspects of your life.

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