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Enough Isn’t Enough

b2ap3_thumbnail_00441047_20130722-194634_1I think it’s great if you’ve decided you want to be a raving success in life!  You go Girl or Boy!!

But, let’s get real.  Just making the decision isn’t enough.  I’m sure you’ve made decisions in your life that ultimately you did not live up to.  Something happened that took your focus elsewhere and that was it.  The former decision was forgotten and tossed on the trash heap of lack of follow-through.

Wanting to be a raving success in life is not enough.  No doubt somewhere in your past you said you wanted to do something and it never got done. When you made the decision that you wanted to do that something, you thought you were all fired up and raring to go.  Yup, you know exactly what happened.  Next thing you knew that something you wanted faded from view and ended up in the ash heap of formerly hot fires.

Here’s the bottom-line on you actually becoming a raving success in life.  In all aspects of your pursuit of success just doing enough isn’t enough.  True success demands more.  It demands your best at all times…PERIOD.  Success requires you to make every one of your moments a great one because you never know when you’re being measured for life’s higher opportunities and goals.

So, how do you achieve beyond just enough?  If enough isn’t enough, the only way to achieve more than enough is by being possessed with passion for what it is you want to achieve.  Passion is nothing more than a very strong emotion and intense enthusiasm to achieve something.

In other words, your decision to want to be a raving success in life has to be driven by a very strong emotion and intense enthusiasm.   Any attitude less than that isn’t enough!

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