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Enthusiasm And “ism”

I know…when you look at the spelling of the word, enthusiasm, it looks like an “asm.”  But, hang with me, here.  I don’t want you looking at this through a jaundiced prism.  That’s a kind of “ism” that limits your ability to see all sides of something.

Rather, my goal is to get you thinking about how you can benefit from enthusiasm in life.  The fact is the more enthusiasm you feel the more alive you feel.  The more alive you feel the greater your reservoir of energy to pursue your dreams.

So, here goes!


    • Enthusiasm drives activism


    • Enthusiasm leads to boosterism


    • Enthusiasm improves on creationism


    • Enthusiasm overcomes criticism


    • Enthusiasm defeats cynicism


    • Enthusiasm can promote productive emotionalism


    • Enthusiasm overcomes negative fatalism


    • Enthusiasm can promote the best in idealism


    • Enthusiasm improves your magnetism


    • Enthusiasm is a desirable mannerism


    • Enthusiasm is a powerful mechanism


    • Enthusiasm improves your metabolism


    • Enthusiasm creates optimism


    • Enthusiasm will improve your quietism


    • Enthusiasm overrides scepticism


  • Enthusiasm enhances your verbalism


It’s almost as if there is an “ism” in enthusiasm!  Maybe it should be “enthusiasmism.”

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