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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900449057_20130108-160307_1Let’s start out by stating unequivocally that you can’t equivocate if you expect to reach a peace of mind state.  I know.  The previous sentence might have gotten a little too alliterative but it makes my point unequivocally!  It is an absolute statement rather than some vague assumption.

We’re talking about your state of mind here…your creating a of lack of angst and deep frustration with your lot in life.  You can’t get there while living with too many vagaries.  Things have to be reduced to more black and white vs. gray.  Peace of mind comes when there is a clear and bright light at the end of each tunnel in your life.

On the other hand, when you are in a mindset of equivocation you are unclear because your circumstances can be understood in more than one way.  It’s like you’re at a “T” junction in the road of life and you are totally confused as to which way to go…left or right?

Living a life with peace of mind cannot be achieved with persistent questions surrounding left or right? up or down?  around or through? just to sight a few questions that can lead to a state of equivocation.  A life with peace of mind is achieved through understanding your purpose in life in only one way.

Here’s how you reach that understanding:

  • First, dream big.
  • Second, determine why you would want to achieve each of your dreams.
  • Third, discard those dreams that prove to be only “wishes” because you can’t generate a deep, visceral, emotional attachment to them.
  • Fourth, allow the emotion attached to your remaining dreams to drive you toward well-documented plans of action.
  • Fifth, relax and act on your plans because without equivocation you know exactly where you’re going.
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