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Establish Order through Inspiration, Energy, and Momentum to Achieve All You Can Be

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0149016_20131003-175523_1Its hell trying to reach for the stars, isn’t it?  You’ve got this deep burning desire and, yet, you don’t know how to channel it into a powerful movement toward your ultimate success.  The fire in your belly is making you sweat rather than making your success sweet.  If things don’t change you feel like you will burn up from your own desire.

Well, here are some thoughts to put some order to things for you.  It’s a good thing that you have that deep, burning desire because it is the first thing that is required for achieving great success.  That deep burn in your gut can also be labeled inspiration.  Inspiration is nothing more than the process of being filled with a feeling or urge to do something.  On its face, as I said that’s a good thing.

The key is to channel your inspiration through the energy it provides.  Use the energy very specifically to organize your thinking about how to realize the inspiration.  In short, build an action plan for achieving the goal, or as I’ve been calling it, the inspiration.  Use the well-known strategy of SMART.  Your plan must be specific as to what the goal is.  The specificity must be such that you can clearly measure your progress.  Your inspiration can’t just be a “wild fire” so to speak.  In other words, it has to also be something that is achievable.  Similarly, the inspiration must be relevant.  Another way of saying that is you must have a deep, emotional attachment to achieving the goal.  Finally, you must make achieving the goal/inspiration time-bound.  In short, have a target date for completion.

Having the inspiration and channeling the related energy into a clear action plan will bring the third item to establishing order into play:  momentum. Momentum is the force gained by moving forward.  When you have true inspiration and a well thought out plan, your movement toward achieving your objective will become an unstoppable force.

I sincerely hope these thoughts have given you the inspiration to channel your energy and gain momentum toward becoming all you can be.

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