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Expose Yourself

Scared you with that title, didn’t I?  What you might be thinking is totally not what I’m thinking concerning the concept of exposing yourself.

I’m focusing on you avoiding situations where you experience fear.  Fear you avoid creates a life devoid…devoid of all the zest that comes with overcoming your fears.  Exposing yourself to and overcoming your deepest fears is your greatest opportunity for a life of exhilaration!

But, then there’s the question, why would you want to live a life of exhilaration?  Well, why would you want to live a life where avoiding your fears numbs your senses and lulls you through your time on this planet?  Exposing yourself to your answer to the latter question will confirm whether you have the substance to face your fears or not.  That to me should be your ultimate fear.

If you’re afraid to face yourself, then I fear you are doomed to a life of vanilla experiences.  Vanilla may be pleasant tasting, but mild in a world spiced with many flavors of opportunities.  Expose yourself to them!

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