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Eye On The Prize

Much has been spoken, written and demonstrated about the power of visualization.  Why is that do you think?

I’ll tell you…because it works.  AND, it works for anyone who is willing to believe in the power of their minds ability to create a picture of their possibilities.  Athletes do it.  Actors do it.  Singers do it.

So why aren’t you keeping your eye on the prize, as I like to label the concept of visualization?  Maybe it’s because you don’t know how to properly focus the power of your mind in this way.  Here’s some initial tips:

It all starts with affirming your self worth.  The easiest and most productive way to do that is to practice saying daily affirmations.  Things like, “Because I am a good person, I will have a wonderful day today.”  Or, “I believe in myself and in the power of mental pictures and can clearly see an image of my goal.”

That’s just a couple of examples.  The idea of daily, positive affirmations isn’t a new one but unfortunately, it is too often a not frequently practiced one.  The key is to create a positive “mantra” that you state out loud to yourself several times each day.  Persisting with this step will lead you to the next step which is truly keeping your eye on the prize…visualization.  To learn more about that step, Google the word visualization and pick from the vast array of resources available to you.

You will be astonished how your eye on the prize will drive your life in positive directions.  Can you see it?

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