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Face It

Talk about trying to do something extremely difficult!  I mean…I’m not sure there is anything harder to do!  Yet, if you don’t, it’s all over, so to speak.  You will not progress.  You will not succeed.  You will not achieve peace of mind.  You will wither in the face of the reality of it!

Living life to your ultimate level of self-actualization can’t be done with a shirking, tentative, withered approach.  You have to face it.  Overcome it.  Move on and then do it all over again…time after time.  By the way, “it” is fear.

The fear of fear is fearful in trying to become all you can be.  Fear will stop you every time, if you let it.

Think about those who have accomplished at a level to which you aspire.  Do you really think it came easy to them?  Surely you don’t think they never had to deal with their fears!  The fact is a critical reason they have achieved to such a high level is because they faced their fears head-on.  They didn’t wither in the face of them.  They overcame them repeatedly and will continue to do so their entire lives.

You can too!  Face it!  Without fear you can’t demonstrate courage.  Without courage you can’t succeed!

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