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Failure Is Success

Now, the title to this post sounds like an absolute oxymoron.  It doesn’t make sense, at least on the surface!  One word seems to absolutely cancel out any chance for the other to be a factor.  Well, as we sit on the eve of a brand new year and opportunity for an even better life let’s consider why failure is success.

Too many people envy other people who they believe to be successes.  They think things along the lines of making presumptions about how easy it was for those successful people given their skill set or “born with a silver spoon in their mouth” situations.  Wrong again!

There is not one successful person in any or all of the world’s various pursuits who has been handed that success on a silver platter.  In each and every case, there will be multiple times when those successful people failed and failed miserably…period!!!

What do those people know that those who don’t feel they are successful don’t know?  They know that a fear of failure is an express ticket to just that…failure.  Putting that in a more positive frame of reference, they know with each failure they are one step closer to ultimate success.

If you want to succeed in the new year and beyond, fail.  The more you fail the more you will succeed.

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