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Failure’s Not An Option

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900442215Life is too short and far too great an opportunity for you to have the option to fail.  You’re the one, and the only one, who makes the choice to live your life with failure not an option for you.  Failure comes about in the same way that success does.  The way you think drives both.

If failure truly was not an option for you, there would be several ways of thinking that would make that happen…your ace in the hole, so to speak.  First, fear would not be a deterrent to your success.  It would be a stimulant.  You would use it to drive you forward not hold you back.

Another thought process you would have is to always be driven to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills.  Success is absolutely impossible in the face of ignorance.  As Forrest Gump once said:  “Stupid is what stupid does!”  Success is not born of stupidity…it is built on a growing foundation of knowledge and skills.

Limited thinking would not be in your mindset, if failure was not an option.  You would see limits as opportunities to explore new horizons…to set the bar at new levels of expectation.  When others would see roadblocks in limits, you would see an opportunity to think outside the box so as to circumvent those limits.

If failure was not an option in your life, the way you talked to yourself would be with a positive focus.  You would be your greatest cheerleader!  Failure is always driven by some degree of negative thinking.  Conversely, success by its very definition requires a positive outcome by the fact you will have achieved some aim or purpose…that will never happen when negativity toward that aim or purpose prevails.

Lastly, your thinking, if failure was not an option, would be percolating with ambition.  You’d be boiling over with the excitement of your assured success rather than malingering in a malaise of doubt.

In short, your success would be a certainty when failure’s not an option.

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