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Faith in You Helps You Focus on Your Future

b2ap3_thumbnail_00442336_20131217-204459_1After your present moment, you will spend the rest of your life in the future.  Given that fact, it is probably best that you have some idea on how to make that future as good as it can be.  But let’s back up a minute and make sure we’re both on the same page.  The future is that time still to come that will be filled with events or conditions and if dealt with well offers a prospect of success or happiness.  Obviously, the converse is also potentially true.

There is the key point (“if dealt with well”).  You control your destiny in that future.  Yes, there will be unanticipated events or circumstances but you always control how you handle them.  To put that another way, it isn’t the unanticipated events or circumstances that will screw up your future but the attitude with which you deal with them.

The faith you have in yourself will drive the type of focus you have in dealing with your future.  Attitude is a derivative of your faith.  If you believe things are out of your control and, therefore, your future is going down the toilet that will be exactly what happens.  However, a belief (faith) in yourself that you can handle anything that comes your way will make your focus on the future a positive one.

Starting now reinforce your faith in yourself by applying the concept of positive affirmations to your daily life.  Every thought you have is, in one form or another, an affirmation.  If you will discipline your thinking to lean to the positive, you will develop an abiding faith in who you are and what you can accomplish in your life.

If you need more on this concept in order to have the faith to practice it every day of your life, here’s a link to an outstanding article that develops the concept more fully.

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