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Fast Is Slow

Seems contradictory, doesn’t it?  The idea of fast is slow, that is.  It would seem something or someone is either fast or slow but not both at the same time.  Well, if you believe a point Stephen R. Covey makes in his various writings, you would know “fast is slow” is a reality in certain ways.  His point:  “Fast is slow with people and slow is fast.”

It’s a wonderful thought that he develops, in one case, concerning the fact that we must take appropriate time with people when trying to help them in some way.  An example:  Too often, we throw something at someone and say something like, “Here take care of this.”  The problem with that approach is if they don’t know your expectations of what it means to “take care of this,” they may get it wrong.  In other words, you having just thrown a project at someone in a rush and hoping it gets done quickly and correctly will inevitably take longer because you have to have them or you redo it.  When, if you would have slowed down in the first place and given proper direction and set clear expectations, the project would have gotten done correctly the first time.  In other words, as Covey says:  “Fast is slow with people and slow is fast.”

So, what’s the application of his idea to you and your life, in general?  My thought is too many of us have a tendency to rush through everything in our lives trying to get it all done.  The result being we end up missing the mark and/or opportunities in life when if we just slow down a little and “smell the roses,” so to speak, we could get a better result.

Don’t go fast in your life because ultimately you will be slow in getting good results.  Slow down!  Allow yourself the preparation time so you can attack your life with a clear purpose and direction.  Great results will then come fast.

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