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Fatal Flaw

Geez!  That title sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Exactly my point!  There are many things that can lead to our not realizing our true potential in life.  Things like:  lack of vision or passion; poor planning; wishing rather than doing; lack of belief, and on and on.  But, of all the things that can stop us in our tracks on the way to reaching our potential, there is one thing that is an absolutely fatal flaw to that effort.

Fatal is an interesting word.  It carries with it great impact.  It gets your attention, if you will.  It means, according to one dictionary definition:  “leading to failure or disaster.”  Sounds very ominous to me!

Flaw carries with it a negative connotation.  It suggests imperfection on such a level as to repulse one from that which has the flaw.  Here, again, according to one dictionary definition it means:  “a mark or fault that spoils something.”  Yuck!

Put the definition of the two words together and you have, a mark or fault that spoils something leading to failure or disaster.

So, what is a mark or fault that spoils something leading to failure or disaster (fatal flaw) when it comes to you achieving your true potential?  Answer:  Your lack of willingness to change.  In short, no change, no chance!

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