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Fear Can Absolutely Kill Your Chance to Make a Choice

How many times have you stood on the shore of a lake or the sea and wondered about the mysteries of its depths?

The only way to dispel the mysteries is to jump in and get fully immersed in the particular body of water.

Once immersed there’s a whole different perspective. You’re not looking down at the surface and seeing only your reflection. You are surrounded by a wide, new world.

It envelopes you such that you become a part of the total experience, of the new environment. The mysteries begin to dissolve because you can see what’s going on all around you and you can learn and adapt accordingly. diving-689833_1920

Your life and the mysteries of all it offers is exactly the same. You can choose to stand on the shore of life and wonder about the potential of its mysteries.

Or—you can jump in with both feet…body…and soul and become fully immersed in pushing the mysteries aside and realizing your life’s true potential.

Achieving all you can be, do or have is never realized through your reflection in a mirror or on the surface of a body of water. It’s realized through believing in the power of the person in the reflection and then jumping into your life with an attitude of action.

The wonder of realizing your potential in life is no more mysterious than that!

But, then…

William Jennings Bryan; lawyer, orator, & politician; defined the key to success as succinctly as anyone before or after. He said:

” Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.”

So… what are you waiting for? One definition of the word, waiting, in Webster’s says: “remain in readiness or expectation.”

Life is way too short to put your potential for success at the level of “readiness” or “expectation.” You can’t afford to take that chance! Your opportunities for becoming all you can be, do or have are all too fleeting.

Back to Webster’s Dictionary, one definition of the word, achieved, says: “gain by work or effort.” Look at what the definition is telling you about your choices for gaining success.

The definition clearly confirms if you want control over your destiny it is best assured through hard work and focused effort. Your success in life really isn’t just about a roll of the dice (chance).b2ap3_thumbnail_Chance It is about you, first, doing the hard work of clearly defining what a successful destiny for you will look like.

Having that vision clearly in your mind and on paper, you must put forth the effort to create a written roadmap of the things you need to do to ultimately achieve your destiny.

Finally, you have to follow the roadmap to its end and not allow yourself to be detoured. Think about it!   Life and your success in it is not a chance—it is a choice to make it a pursuit!

But, then…

You may have heard the late, fantastic motivational speaker and teacher, Zig Ziglar. Among his astounding array of thoughts and ideas is the use of the word, fear, as an acronym.

In Zig’s way of thinking, the acronym, F.E.A.R. represents False; Evidence; Appearing; Real. Too many times the fall-out of fear is stopping yourself dead in your tracks on your way to trying to achieve all you can be, do, or have.

woman-1006100_1920You conjure these hideous thoughts of failure that are so real and powerful it creates within you the same feelings you may have when engrossed deeply in a horror movie.

The difference in the movie and your life is the fear you feel in the throes of a horror movie will go away as soon as you leave the venue.

Life doesn’t offer you that luxury. Fear doesn’t go away in life until you learn how to courageously face… not avoid it! Just as the fall-out from an atomic bomb can be devastating to all those around it, so too can be the impact of numbing, isolating, debilitating, discouraging fear.

You become frozen in inaction.  The fear absolutely kills your chance to make a choice to achieve all you can be, do, or have.

There is only one answer to avoid being frozen out of maximizing your achievements in life because of fear…knowledge. The essence of growing intellectually…the acquisition of knowledge…is the overcoming of fear. The only way to push back the dark, scary boundaries of fear is through greater understanding of your options for facing it down.

Greater knowledge gives you a wider breadth of creative options to deal with fear. With those options in hand, courage wells-up inside you and you push past the fear and create a fall-out of wonder in your life.

Dealing with the fall-out of fear through the continuous acquisition of knowledge allows you to change Zig Ziglar’s acronym into Forever; Experiencing; Abiding; Rewards in your life.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat is the first choice you will make to beat down your fear and achieve your true potential?

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