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Fear Factor

Too often it’s there…that horrible feeling of uncertainty; clammy palms of the hands; gripping palpitations of the heart and a general feeling of wanting to run away from it.  It, of course, is fear.  Miserable doesn’t describe it adequately but debilitating gets closer.

Here’s the problem!  Debilitating can be defined as severely weakening someone or something.  By definition, then, if you are experiencing debilitating fear you are in a weakened state.  If you are in a weakened state, you don’t have the mental state to overcome the challenges in your life.  Sounds like a miserable state to be in!

There’s only one answer to such a state, as I see it.  In a word, discipline.  You must exercise discipline over your mind and body.

Fear is an emotion.  If you want to overcome it, you have to steel yourself against its destructive influence.  Steeling yourself against something can be restated as “mind over matter.”  The more you discipline your mind the more you can manage yourself through any challenge.  In other words, the fear factor becomes a different matter…a motivator rather than a de-motivator.

There’s only one factor to fear in learning to exercise such discipline…you!

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