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Fear Fall-out

You may have heard the fantastic motivational speaker and teacher, Zig Ziglar. Among his astounding array of thoughts and ideas is the use of the word, fear, as an acronym. In Zig’s way of thinking, the acronym, F.E.A.R. represents False; Evidence; Appearing; Real. His point is that too many times the fall-out of fear is we human beings stop ourselves dead in our tracks of trying to accomplish something because of it.

We conjure these hideous thoughts of failure that are so real and powerful it creates within us the same feelings many of us have when engrossed deeply in a horror movie. The difference in the movie and our life is the fear we feel in the throes of a horror movie will go away as soon as we leave the movie. Life doesn’t offer us that luxury. Fear doesn’t go away in life until we learn how to face not avoid it!

Just as the fall-out from an atomic bomb can be devastating to us as individuals and all those around us, so too can be the impact of numbing, isolating, debilitating, discouraging fear. We become frozen in inaction. There is only one anwer to avoid being frozen out of maximizing our achievements in life because of fear…knowledge.

The essence of growing intellectually…the acquisition of knowledge…is the overcoming of fear. The only way to push back the dark, scary boundaries of fear is through greater understanding of our options for facing it. Greater knowledge gives each of us a wider breadth of creative options to deal with fear. With those options in hand, courage wells-up inside each of us and we push past the fear and create a fall-out of wonder in our lives and those around us.

Dealing with the fall-out of fear through the continous acquisition of knowledge allows us to change Zig Ziglar’s acronym into Forever; Experiencing; Abiding; Rapture in our lives.

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