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Feeling Viscerally Why Precedes Needing to Know How

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0438737Recently in doing a Google Adwords keyword search, I was struck by two results I received.  First, I did a search for the average monthly search volume for the word, success.  Google showed the result as 110,000 per month.  Similarly, I did a search for the word, attitude.  The result there was 49,500 average searches per month.  What that tells me is just under 4,000 people a day are looking for information on success and just under 1,700 people are doing a daily search regarding attitude.  If you were trying to sell two of your products to the general public and you had daily prospects coming through your door at 4,000 and 1,700 respectively, would you feel there was a lot of interest in those products?  Helllooo!

Those numbers say to me people all over this world are hungering for greater success and a better attitude toward life, etc.  Related to the above searches, as proof to my point, if you do a Google search for “how to achieve greater success,” you would get over 50 million results.  A search for “positive attitude,” results in over 46 million.  One could conclude then that achieving greater success and a better attitude is a struggle for lots of people.  Millions want to know how!

How to achieve greater success is all wrapped up in your attitude.  If you will search your soul for what is truly important to you, you will have discovered the rock on which to build your success.  In that regard, the word, visceral, generally means something coming from strong emotions.  In other words, the rock on which you build your success has to have a deep, emotional attachment to your soul.  Nothing is more important to your success.  Without feeling viscerally why you want something, you will get nothing.

Relatedly, when you know why you want something, it becomes more relevant to understand how to get it.  Too many people target some particular goal (like most New Year’s Resolutions) and build a very good plan to achieve it.  However, a plan driven solely from logic is a plan without soul.  Any plan that defines how to build your greater success without emotion deeply embedded in it will ultimately fail…again New Year’s Resolutions serve as a great example.

If you want to succeed on a greater level, first attack your attitude and get it right through finding the passion of why you want something.  In that case, needing to know how then becomes a passion.  Success, then, becomes inevitable.

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