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Fill’er Up

We don’t say the words in the title of this article much any more.  It used to be…back when gasoline service stations were really service stations…you’d pull into get some gas and an attendant would take care of you.  If you had the money when the attendant walked up to your rolled down car window (I don’t know about you but I keep my window up and the car locked these days!) and asked, “What can I do for you.”  your answer probably was “Fill’er up.”  Aaah, the good old days.

But, let’s go off in a different direction concerning this idea of fill’er up.  I’m thinking about your soul here not gasoline for your car.  If you want to fire up the fuel of your soul, then you have to fill’er up!  An empty soul is a sputtering and “engine dying” soul.  A soul with no joy and no hope.

In a previous blog post, I wrote about the contrast between the words give and take.  In my opinion, the difference between give and take is the difference between feeling full or empty in the soul.  In other words, the fuel of your soul is the willingness to give from the heart.

Open the cap to the tank of your soul and fill’er up.  It will do your heart good.

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