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I’m absolutely dumbfounded by the degree to which our country’s various systems of financial stability are faltering. I’m also absolutely dumbfounded by the lack of vision, leadership and statesmanship of our political leaders who are elected, in part, to protect our country’s financial stability and well-being.

That said our individual financial well-being and stability are clearly up to each of us independently. So, here’s a simple idea to help in that regard.

I call it “The Financial Rule of Thirds.” It states very simply a third of your income goes to some form of investments. It can be in your own business, real estate, and/or other financial products, whatever. The point is to build equity in yourself through investing a third of what you earn. Another third goes to funding your current, personal lifestyle. The final third goes to funding the community’s lifestyle…otherwise known as taxes.

Sound impossible…it’s not…even if you have to grow into living by the rule over time it’s better than not exercising any financial discipline. Contrast the empty, stabbing, sinking feeling of financial instability or potentially worse yet, financial dependence, with the sense of stability created by living within your means.

Our political and financial services leaders should think so simply and responsibly.

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