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Finding Your Passion-5 Questions

I’m sure you’ve known at least one person in your life who seems to be filled with a passion about life and living it.  They achieve almost everything they set out to do, as a consequence.  Then, there’s you.  No zest.  No fire.  No passion.  Just going through the daily motions of existing in life.

Want to change that?  Here’s five questions you need to answer for yourself.  When you do, the chances are you will find at least one thing of passion that will help you to set a new course in life.

    • What did you absolutely love as a kid?
    • What was your best day and what were you doing?
    • Who are you jealous of and why?
    • What would you do even if you weren’t being paid?
    • What would your life script read if there were no holds barred?

Answer all of the above questions.  Then, pick one or two things that you identified which stir your soul.  You’ve found your passion.

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