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Fire in the Hole!

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0438774You’ve heard that expression far too much over the last decade or so.  It seems almost every night somewhere on some TV news program covering the various military operations around the globe you will hear the expression being screamed.  However, it’s not an expression that is only one used in the military.  The fact is it was first used in mining when explosives were about to be ignited to break up the rock wall in a mine shaft.  The expression simply means an explosion is about to occur in a confined space.

Now, I want you to think of the depths of your soul as being synonymous with a hole.  The fact is everything that you are driven to do comes from the depths of your soul.  The point being, you are driven to do whatever because in effect you have a “fire in the hole.” If you don’t, you’re not driven enough to do it and you won’t!  PERIOD!

So, the extension of the above reality is that “fire in the hole” doesn’t just happen spontaneously.  You have to do something to light that fire.  Nobody else is going to light it for you.  They all are much too busy trying to light their own fire!

The pilot light for achievement that helps you light the fire in your soul is your emotional connection to whatever the goal is.  The more powerful your emotional attachment to something the more powerful your “fire in the hole.”  Don’t even attempt to accomplish things to which you have only a casual attachment.  They won’t happen.  You’re wasting your time.  Your “fire in the hole” is being doused by apathy!

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