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Fiscal Responsibility Deposits to Financial Peace of Mind

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0341902For many of us achieving any level of peace of mind can be elusive to say the least.  Yet, we all crave it almost in any way that we can get it.  Maybe none of us would sell our souls to get it…on the other hand maybe we would!

Don’t do it!  Peace of mind is definitely not possible were you to give up on your integrity or, for that matter, your humanity.  Just know peace of mind is achievable if you truly desire it.  Here’s how.

Compartmentalize your life as a first step.  Taking such a step simplifies the process of achieving peace of mind.  My point is you work on achieving overall peace of mind one compartment at a time.  Some suggested compartments would be financial, family, work, personal, and spiritual.

It’s my opinion, all of the compartments achieve some level of peace of mind, if you achieve peace of mind on a financial level.  So much of what you can do in the

remaining compartments is tied to your financial situation.  Assuming I’m right, here’s what you can do to manage your fiscal responsibility at such a level as to achieve financial peace of mind.

When you know you either have or are progressing toward true financial independence it offers a level of peace of mind that is indescribable. Furthermore, it allows you the needed flexibility for dealing most effectively and efficiently with the things you need to do in the other compartments of your life.   In that regard, I like the “Rule of Thirds” concerning exercising fiscal responsibility.  It states a third of your income goes to some form of investments.  Another third goes to funding your current personal lifestyle including your charitable interests.  The final third goes to funding the community’s lifestyle… otherwise known as taxes.

Exercise fiscal responsibility by making deposits in your investments, personal lifestyle and community lifestyle and you achieve financial peace of mind. Financial peace of mind is the taproot to growing peace of mind in the other compartments of your life.

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