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Fits Like an _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

Well, you know the rest of the words in the title above. It’s not the words in the title that are the focus of this article but rather, the circumstances that lead to their being applicable in your life.

Fits like an old shoe connotes a situation of total comfort. A level of comfort that could possibly be unhealthy for realizing long term potential. My belief is that your potential cannot be reached through a condition of comfort but rather through one of stretching beyond current conditions. Stretching toward the unknown with a sense of confidence, verve and dedication.

Too much of a sense of comfort can create complacency. Complacency and potential are an oxymoron! You can’t have one when the other is present.

So, back to the word, shoe, to make a point. Which shoe do you tie first? Well, change that habit. Overcome your complacency with that comfort zone! It makes life so much richer.

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