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Focus Factor

Lots of people do it.  They consistently wonder what it takes to improve their level of success.  I ask, What’s there to wonder about?  It absolutely is not rocket science.

Whatever your focus determines the direction and intensity of your efforts.  No focus…no direction.  That’s bad enough but, in my opinion, what’s even more destructive is focusing on useless things.  Things like reality programs on TV, for example.  Sapping your time and energy watching them versus focusing on taking action concerning a successful future is almost criminal.

Time is too precious to waste.  It is a totally unknown quantity and if you don’t focus on how you use it you will simply lose it.  Using your time without a sense of clarity (without focus) is like swimming in an unknown and murky body of water.  To progress, you don’t know in which direction and for how long you have to swim.  At least when your use of time is focused you have a direction and with clear direction ultimately comes a successful destination.

What are you focused on today?

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