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Focus Factor

The statement from a friend or colleague might go something like this.  “I don’t know why I can’t get ahead in life.  You and everybody else seems to have it much easier than I do.  I wish I knew what to do!”  Sound somewhat familiar?

People who think like the above example will never “get ahead.”  PERIOD!  It ain’t going to happen.  There is a singular reason why that’s the case.  People who don’t focus seem to think the success of others comes from some form of hocus pocus.

Contrary to that mythical thinking, focus is the key.  The more you focus the more those things you want will happen.  To maintain good focus you have to frequently ask yourself what are you doing this moment to make things happen.

When you think of the word focus you’re probably like the rest of us.  You’re thinking when things are in focus there is a clarity to the picture.  And, so it is with what you want out of your life.  Focus brings clarity.  Clarity brings sustained and energetic effort.  Sustained and energetic effort always brings results.

If you emphasize only one factor as you strive for success, let it be focus.

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