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Focus Makes Time Truly Valuable

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900442524I’m only slightly exaggerating but there must be a million experts out there concerned with helping you manage your time.  The vast majority of them have some clever tricks for helping you get better control of the time you have each day of your life.  I recommend, if time management is a challenge for you, that you should seek anyone of them out and follow their suggestions.

Hold it!  That’s after you realize that there has to be something that comes before all of the expert techniques you may learn.  Using the right techniques to managing your time is absolutely critical to getting control over your time and using it in the most effective and efficient way.  But, none of those techniques are worth even a second of your time, if you don’t bring clarity to your time.

What I’m talking about is the focus you have in each minute of your time.  It’s clear focus on the present that brings value and effectiveness to the time management techniques you apply.  If you are not focused on the moment, it is lost.  I ask you:  How can any moment be used effectively if you are not totally conscious of it?

Yes, learn all the techniques for prioritizing your time, etc., that you can.  However, control of your time always begins with control of your focus.  Forget dwelling on past times…they’re gone!  Don’t fret about the future…it’s not here yet!  Focus on this moment and you exponentially create value in your time.

If you promise to focus first, then I will give you a recommendation for a time management expert with the best techniques of which I am aware.  The expert is Julie Morgenstern and her information can be found at www.juliemorgenstern.com

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