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Fool’s Gold

Now, you’ve got to wonder where I’m going with this one!  Well, don’t wonder…read on!

Technically, the term, fool’s gold, refers to an actual mineral that has a color very similar to gold.  Because of its resemblance to gold it has fooled many people over thousands of years.  It is something that appears to be something that it is not.  How unfair is that?

The fact is the concept of fool’s gold can be applied to many more aspects of life other than just a mineral that looks like something it isn’t.  Some people, in general, live a life of fool’s gold.  They appear to be something they are not.  My question is, How can they truly enjoy a life that isn’t?  I would think all of us would want to reach the end of our lives not having tried to fool other people and, therefore, ourselves.  What’s the value in that?

A life lived with integrity, enthusiasm, humility and dedication can be nothing but golden.  It’s worth–Priceless!  Priceless because it is what it is rather than what it isn’t.

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