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Ya’ ever hear the term, doomsday?  It sounds so final…so utterly an ending to all that came before it.  Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

Well, I’ve got an even worse label for a day in your life.  It’s what I call Foolsday.  Foolsday is any day beyond today that occupies too much of your consciousness.  It’s a day that holds some event or concern that totally steals all of your focus.  It’s a terrible day more for what it is taking from you in this moment rather than what makes it overwhelm your current focus.

Fools focus too much on what is coming in their tomorrows versus what is today.  You can’t truly deal with tomorrow until you deal with today.  Tomorrows are best controlled by your actions of today.  They are not controlled by the inaction created by an excess, premature focus on them.

Yes, you have to have some focus on planning for tomorrow and the future but it shouldn’t be obsessive.  When it becomes obsessive, it becomes oppressive.  You are weighing yourself down in a way that takes away from enjoying your present.  Whenever you find yourself dwelling on your future, force yourself to bring your thinking around to an opportunity of the moment.  In other words, force yourself to come back to and remain in the present by acting on current opportunity.

Tomorrow will come in due time and nothing you obsess about it today will bring it any quicker.  A Foolsday is spent on someday while losing all the opportunities of today.

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