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Forget “America’s Got Talent!”

My point…you’ve got talent!  It isn’t about America, the world, etc.  It’s about you.  You’ve got it even if you haven’t discovered it.  I firmly believe every human being has a special gift…a talent…unique to that single person.

I also believe a driving purpose in life for each of us should be to discover our unique talent.  It is that unique gift of talent that each of us has…somewhere within us…that is our ticket to stardom as a contributor to our fellow human beings.

If you think about it, stardom in any walk of life is always born of talent.  You can’t be a “star” without talent!  Unique, powerful, inspiring, innate talent.  Talent isn’t something that just happens.  You’re born with it.  True…once you discover it you can improve upon it.  But, the seed of talent has to be there in order for you to nurture and grow it.

You can do this!  You can find your unique talent for contributing to your world.  Forget dwelling on the talent you perceive others to have and spend more time finding yours.  But, how?

Here’s one answer and one that will absolutely work, if you work it.  Write the story of your life.  That’s right…sit down with a tablet and pen or at your computer and start writing.  Start with your earliest thoughts and try to capture the story of, at least, the main events throughout the various time segments of your life.  Take it in doses.  Write for an hour or two a day until you have captured what you believe the complete story to be of your life.

Once you’ve written your story then read and re-read it while highlighting common themes that you see throughout the story.  Those themes will be a clue to finding your unique talent…to finding your passion.  Be creative and open-minded about analyzing the themes as to what they say about your talent.  Have a close friend or loved one read your story and tell you what they see.

Having done all that, forget “America’s Got Talent!”  You’ve found yours!  You’re on your way to stardom!  Now, go to work applying your singular gift of talent everyday for the rest of your life.

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