Foundational Statements


Mission Statement

What Drives the Business

mission-statement-performance-allianceConsistent with client needs and personal objectives, this is a business dedicated to helping organizations maximize productivity and profitable growth through providing inspirational insight and concise business ideas to help improve mindstate and minimize stress.

Vision Statement

Where the Business is Going

vision-statement-gary-greenfield-mindstateThe exercise of exemplary authoring, business consulting, mentoring, coaching, and presentation skills for the benefit of client organizations…will drive the business to being recognized as a trusted, long-term partner in a growing community of followers…resulting in consistent annual revenue growth and professional recognition.

Defining Statement

What the Business Does

The business lives its mission and vision in several ways:

    • defining-statement-gary-greenfieldThrough providing organizations and their people personal development resources which help them escape the pain of stress and make more money because they have a mindstate positively focused on making progress in their businesses and lives. Those resources will include self-help(inspirational) books in all forms; serial eBooks; webinars; and info-products.
    • defining-statement-greenfield-2Through powerful business consulting, mentoring and personal coaching related to improving mindstate; individual sales productivity; motivational leadership skills; training skills and public speaking skills.
    • defining-statement-greenfield-3Through seasoned facilitation of strategic planning meetings to help organizations envision their future and develop necessary procedures and operations to achieve that future.

Marketing Statement

What the Business Sells

Paralyzing negative perspective for positive change!