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Four Steps To Success

A slippery word, success.  It can mean different things to different people.  And, for some people, they never find it.  But, this post isn’t about that.  It’s about finding your success no matter how you define it.  Because, you see, regardless of the definition of the word you subscribe to there are always the same four steps to realizing it.

First, is to have a dream.  A dream that burns within your core.  A dream that screams for you to bring it into conscious reality not remain a distant vision.

Having the clear vision of your dream compels you to take step two which is to plan how you’re going to achieve the dream.  The distance between the vision of your dream and its becoming reality is directly proportional to the detail of your plan.  The greater the detail you build into your plan the shorter the distance to your dream.  And, just as importantly, the greater the potential you will actually achieve your dream.

But, the vision of your dream and the plan to achieve it is only as good as the depth of your belief.  You see, your belief in yourself that you can work through your plan and achieve the dream is the engine driving the entire process.  So, step three in achieving great success is you confirming the depth of your belief.

Finally, all great dreams remain just that, a dream, if you don’t take action.  You have to act on your belief and your plan to turn your dream into your reality.

Four steps to success…do you believe you can take them?

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