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Four to Great

So, you want to be great at whatever you do.  Well, congratulations!  I admire your attitude and would like to offer some insight that may be of help to you.

Many times people struggle with what it takes to be great at something.  I’ve learned it doesn’t matter what the “something” is.  To achieve at the level of “great” always takes four things.  Accomplish those four things and you achieve greatness.  Ready to get started?

First, you must have a dream.  Or, should I say, a compelling dream.  In other words, its got to be a dream with some drive behind it.  You can’t wish your way to a dream.  You have to “do” your way to a dream.  If you’re going to do all it takes to reach your dream, you have to have an emotional attachment to it that drives you.

That’s step one to greatness…have a dream.  Next, you have to believe you can achieve your dream.  If you don’t believe it, you can’t achieve it.  So, you have to believe deep in your core that if you work hard enough and long enough you will reach your dream.  This is another reason why the emotional attachment to your dream is so important.  Your belief will be tested and it will be the power of your emotions that drives you through the test successfully.

But, you just can’t start off toward your dream without a plan.  As Yogi Berra has been reputed to say:  “If you don’t know where you’re going, you may end up somewhere else.”  The key to channeling your emotional attachment to your dream so you don’t “end up somewhere else” is a well thought out plan that gives you a road map to your dream.

Finally, however, the best road map in the world is of little use if you don’t follow it.  In other words, the ultimate point of the four points to great achievement is you must take action.  If you don’t act, your dream will continue to drift in the fogging mist of “someday.”  Dreams are not about “someday.”   They are about taking action today.

Go “four” it!

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