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Free Lunch?

Not Likely!

On the other hand, many of us seem to think we deserve it.  The thought of truly working for what we want out of life has either never been considered or may have been thought of as a stupid idea.  What the heck!  Why work, we say.  I’m a victim in this life and, therefore, I deserve a free break.

Well, let me “break” some news to you.  Nothing in this world is free.  There is always some kind of a price attached.  So, get over it and change your thinking!

The people who truly have it all are the ones that believe they can have it all.  They recognize there will be a price.  They figure out what that price is.  They weigh how much the price is against how badly they want it.  They determine if there is a reasonable balance between the two.  If so, they go get whatever it is.  They don’t expect somebody else to go get it for them.

Free words to you from me.  It’s not lunch but it’s a thought!  Think about it and then go get what you want out of life.

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