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Freedom Factor

b2ap3_thumbnail_00401813There’s a lot being said throughout the world about the issue of freedom.  It seems it has always been thus, as they say.  Here’s the point, as far as I’m concerned…it doesn’t make any difference what kind of freedom is being referred to…there is always a key factor to any freedom.

Now, that last comment might seem self-evident but not from my point of view.  Freedom isn’t about some document that defines it.  Freedom isn’t about the struggle to achieve it.  Freedom isn’t about the “haves” and the “have nots.”  Freedom isn’t about one political system versus another.  Freedom isn’t about a country’s abundance of natural resources.

Yes, all of the concepts or circumstances as noted in the previous paragraph can impact one’s freedom in some way or another. However, all of them can be impacted by one single, all-important factor…Knowledge of the people involved.

A great document defining freedom cannot be created without thinkers of clarity driven by a depth of great knowledge.  The struggle to achieve freedom can be minimized through developing the knowledge of the people involved in the struggle.  The shortest route to being a “have” for a “have not” is through growing the base of their knowledge for dealing with their circumstances.  Political systems have come and gone directly related to the depth of knowledge available to deal with changing circumstances.  Finally, the availability of natural resources is a wonderful thing but useless if people don’t have the depth of knowledge to leverage and conserve them at the same time.

The “knowledge factor” is the premier “freedom factor.”  Grow your freedom of choice on a daily basis by dedicating yourself to learning something new every day.

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