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Frequent Laughing Helps You Last Maybe Not Forever but Definitely Longer

b2ap3_thumbnail_00386362_20131007-205518_1Think about it!  You’re feeling lousy about something and all of a sudden someone or something forces you to laugh.  Laugh even against your will!  You don’t want to but you can’t stop yourself!  Here it comes…and, you’re rolling on the floor laughing.

How did that happen?  Especially since you were feeling so lousy!  My belief is by nature we all prefer to be in a positive frame of mind and laughing is a quick way to get there.  Here’s a link to a great article and some video concerning the science of laughing.  I offer it for those of you who would like to delve deeper than this post will go on the subject.

Suffice it to say, the following points summarize thoughts expressed in the article in howstuffworks.com:

  • The average adult laughs 17 times a day
  • There is strong evidence that laughter can improve health and fight disease
  • The more laughter the more bonding within a group
  • Laughter changes behavior
  • Laughter is a positive social signal
  • More regions of the brain become active when laughing
  • Different strokes for different folks make us laugh but the benefits are the same for all of us
  • Laughter reduces stress
  • Its good exercise:“laughing 100 times is equal to 10 minutes on the rowing machine or 15 minutes on an exercise bike.”
  • Blood pressure can be improved as a result of laughter
  • There’s some evidence that laughter can be a total body workout
  • Laughter is cathartic

All the above points are exactly why I say frequently laughing helps you last, maybe not forever, but definitely longer.  Consider some ideas for bringing more laughter into your life.

o   YouTube is loaded with hilarious stuff

o   Blow your mind and Google “sources of humor” and take your pick

o   There’s still some great comedy shows to watch on TV

o   Learn the art of storytelling so you can develop your sense of timing and humor

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