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Fresh Start

You’ve been there, I know…we all have.  It’s a new day but you’re still bothered with things from yesterday.  You just can’t let whatever it is go!  You’re obsessed with it.  So much so that it is negatively impacting today.

Today is not about yesterday!  Today is your opportunity for a fresh start.  However, you have to make the decisions necessary to avoid dwelling on the past.  As they say, what’s done is done!  You can’t change it.  You can only learn from it and move forward.

That’s it!  You can’t move forward until you have a new outlook.  You can’t have a new outlook if you only look at the old.  Again…what’s done is done.

Make a vow to yourself that before you go to bed each night that you take inventory from your day.  Revel in the positives and learn from the negatives.  File your feelings…move on…and get a good night’s rest.

Tomorrow is a fresh start!  You have the foundation of your past experiences but your focus is on the new opportunities tomorrow will bring.

Trying to drag your past into your future makes today an unbearable load!

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